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5235 South Harper Court
Chicago, IL

Harper Court is a $100 million 650,000 SF mixed-use development in a strategic commercial corridor at 53rd Street and Lake Park in Hyde Park. Developed as a public-private collaboration with the University of Chicago and the City of Chicago, the complex includes a 12-story office tower, 83,000 SF of retail and restaurant space, and parking for 518 vehicles.

The complex is defined by a variety of architectural profiles and heights, and is organized around a new internal street that brings vehicular and pedestrian traffic to the retail frontage. With outdoor seating, decorative lighting and attractive landscape, the plaza is a comfortable public space for outdoor dining and community gatherings.

Awarded multiple LEED certifications, the project exemplifies our philosophy that commercially successful marketplace developments can be leaders in environmental sustainability. Harper Court was named Development of the Year by the Chicago Commercial Real Estate Awards.